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Flex mask example
Flex mask example

Flex mask example

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mask example flex

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info like books and resources and going to examples of actionscript for specific problems. Code from Flex 4 Documentation "Using Adobe Flex 4". [. Please note that masksJump to FXG example - The following example uses FXG components to define masks: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <! Feb 7, 2010 - The following example shows how you can set the corner radius on a Spark BitmapImage control in Flex 4 by creating a mask with a corner Feb 22, 2011 - MaskType; public function init():void { rect.mask = circle; } ]]> </fx:Script> <mx:Image id="circle" source="" Aug 16, 2012 - For example, lets say you wanted to mask a component that extends VGroup : // assuming component that extends VGroup is a variable May 25, 2011 - Shouldn't this code generate a Rectangular Mask of 129px*123px that will What's flex:mask ? . What's a real-world example of "overfitting"? May 10, 2012 - It is possible using BlendModes. Oct 29, 2007 - Recently I had to put a mask to an UIComponent. In this example, we will be using a image mask to mask another image. Related examples in the same category Sep 4, 2009 - What I needed to do was add a rounded mask to the image - I did this, but then I tries it in flex mobile and am getting an error at this point:. A mask defines the viewable area of a maskee display object. private function Mask clip a shape in MXML : Ellipse « Graphics « Flex. Here is some code that draws a fullscreen transparent sprite and the masks a rectangular area in it.
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